fischertechnik Advanced

fischertechnik PLAY AND LEARN Products: ADVANCED

The fischertechnik Advanced line is designed for builders age 7 and above. Young builders get to develop their knowledge and capabilities with these sets. The models they construct are not only realistic and understandable in their function, but robust and sturdy in construction and built for play. The Advanced line allows for construction of much more detailed models than in the Basic line.

fischertechnik Power Machines


fischertechnik Tractor Set IR Control


fischertechnik Cable Railway


fischertechnik Super Fun Park


fischertechnik Universal 3


fischertechnik Bulldozer


fischertechnik Solar


fischertechnik Tractors


fischertechnik Universal Starter


fischertechnik BT Racing Set


fischertechnik Gliders


fischertechnik Racers


fischertechnik Trucks