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The fischertechnik STEM Lab Programs are a standards-based curriculum involving inquiry, design and problem solving, especially developed for use with the fischertechnik construction system . These programs were created by Tom White, Distinguished Educator and STEM education Program Curriculum Designer.

This unique STEM education program, which combines curriculum with hands-on exploration and creation, is available in two levels: Middle School and High School. Each level consists of various theme projects for teachers to use with their students to enable them to explore and understand different essential STEM concepts areas.

STEM Model School

"I've purposefully created this fischertechnik STEM Lab Program to meet Common Core Standards for Math, Reading and Writing as well as the National Science Education Standards, and standards of ISTE, ITEEA. This program can easily fill six months of class time and engage students in the study of applied physics with a systems approach to electronics, control and sensing." Tom White, Program Creator

Using Project-Based Learning to Improves STEM Education

One of the many benefits of STEM education is the integration and application of cross curricular content. This allows students to understand the relationship of the subjects they study. To be effective a STEM program needs to be fully integrated, the best way demonstrated so far is with a comprehensive project based curriculum. This helps students answer the questions "Why do I need to know STEM education" and "Where will I ever use STEM education". Read More

fischertechnik STEM Lab: Curriculum Overview


The purpose sets the stage for student learning


The large ideas and essential skills that students will need to master

Student Deliverables

Description of expected student performance

Assessment and Evaluation

Rubrics for oral and written presentations


Used to organize structure and provide a linear guide to student learning

Authentic Project Scenario

Sets the stage for student problem solving

Daily Teaching Plan

To provide teachers with the pacing and flow of instruction

Supporting Activities

Includes hands on exploration, demonstration and, experimentation


Provides teachers with information to share with students allowing them to go farther in their exploration

Standards - Includes the following
  • Common Core Standards
    • Math Standards
    • Reading Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects
    • Writing Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects
  • NSES Content Standard K-12: Unifying Concepts and Processes
  • Standards for Technological Literacy
  • ISTE Technology Foundation Standards for Students

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fischertechnik STEM Lab

fischertechnik High School STEM Lab - Mechatronics