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fischertechnik Curriculum Mechanical Suite

The curricula* for the fischertechnik Mechanical Suite was developed especially for use with AutoCAD Inventor. This makes learning a pleasure, with the training manual, original fischertechnik building block sets and a CD-ROM containing CAD data for immediate use. The Curriula provide exercises explaining the most important functions found in AutoCAD Inventor. Students progress step by step. It is almost like playing with the software and the real object.

You can start working with the prepared training materials right away. The exercises described require no previous CAD experience. You will see how easy it is to model components, put together assemblies and finally generate manufacturing drawings, parts lists and assembly instructions.

Three mechanical designs are available: windshield wiper, car jack and planetary gear --both as a CAD model and as a construction set. You can compare, in both form and function, the real model with the components and assemblies you have engineered.


In the 3D model  - just like in real life.

The fischertechnik Mechanical Suite provides a clear reference to the real world and bring lots of fun to your learning environment. The model variations for the building block sets can be designed step by step and later be examined at full size, using the real life model. Sequences of motions can be generated in CAD and compared with the sets. Design, explore and test functions at the finished object. The methods used in the curricula closely relate to practice and therefore are an asset in school, in apprenticeship training and for independent study.

Playful learning is effective learning.

It's almost like a game. The Mechanical Suite combines software usage with learning at the actual object. This is a major advantage for teachers, scholars, students, instructors and apprentices alike. All senses are involved, theoretical information and practical experiences are linked. Not only does that make learning fun , the results also "stick". This is a quality of experience that can be measured in genuine learning achievement.

Advantages at a glance

  •  Curricula* developed for use with the 3-D CAD software in the AutoCAD Inventor packages**, including a CD-ROM with prepared CAD data. Use the software and the real object almost in playful handling.

  • The models described can actually be built with the original fischertechnik building block sets provided.

  • The teachers work is been disburdened, thanks to prepared training documentation and CAD data*.

  • The sets can be used immediately. No prior CAD experience required.

  • Easy learning with step-by-step methods.

  • Design and motion sequences can be prepared within the software and additionally be compared with the real model.





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