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    Industrial Simulation and Training Models

    The line of fischertechnik simulation models are designed to provide a compact, engaging, and hands-on method for teaching and demonstrating high end automated systems. The line consists of a series of pre-assembled, small scale models, which are designed to replicate—in appearance and function—various automated/robotic machines and systems commonly used in commercial manufacturing.

    These models are ideal for teaching automated systems and PLC programming and control in high schools, CTE programs, college labs, vo-tech schools, and industrial training classes.

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    Storage and Transport Case


    For safe storage and transport of fischertechnik Factory Simulation and Training Factory Industry 4.0 models


    • A practical custom case for safe storage and transport of fischertechnik factory models
    • Insert once - done! The lower part of the factory is fully functional, only the hood has to be moved.
    • Inside lined with soft foam padding
    • 3 inside zipper pockets for stowing accessories
    • 4 tiltable carrying handles



    Quality Control w/AI - 9V version

    $2,089.95 $2,300.00

    Visualize AI models and make them easily comprehensible

    • Ideal training, simulation and demonstration model for education and research
    • Visualization of AI systems, machine learning and neural networks
    • Networking of theory and practice for a sustainable learning result
    • Already built, stable training model. Mounted on stable wooden plate, packaging of the model in stable cardboard box
    • IMPORTANT: For all operations, a power supply 9V/2,5A is required (sold separately)

    Artificial intelligence in research, education and industry

    The use of artificial intelligence in industry, education and research is becoming more and more important. The Quality Control with AI System model from fischertechnik is ideal for visualising this complex subject in a hands-on way since it creates a sustainable learning experience by linking theory and practice.

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