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    The fischertechnik building system stands out because of its incredible versatility and accessibility. Beginners and experts alike are able to easily construct functioning machines and robotic models quickly without overly complex instructions. The otherwise complicated and technical task of putting these creations into motion becomes a fascinating and creative game with the help of fischertechnik's ROBO Pro software. From construction to programming, fischertechnik has the resources you need to bring your most innovative robotic designs to life!

    Explore fischertechnik's ROBO Pro

    Controlling your robotic creation is easy with ROBO Pro! To get started, users will need the following:

    • Standard PC using a Windows operating system (Win XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10)
    • fischertechnik ROBO Pro graphic software
    • fischertechnik ROBO Interface or ROBO TX/TXT Controller (the controller converts the computer commands into control signals for your robot's motors)
    • Your robot or mechanized model constructed from fischertechnik's line of Robotics & Computing building sets.

    With these tools, users get to experience the excitement of building a robot that follows their commands. They also get to learn and explore the mechanics of performing functions - such as rotating, moving and grasping.

    Are you using a Mac? While ROBO Pro is designed for Windows based machines, it doesn't mean Apple users can't take full advantage of fischertechnik's powerful, easy-to-use graphic programming software. An up-to-date Mac computer with the current OSX can install and run ROBO Pro using a built-in Mac utility called Boot Camp in combination with either VMware or Parallels software. Learn more by clicking some of the links below:

    Download the Latest fischertechnik Programs

    ROBO Pro software is the brains behind all of fischertechnik's computing building sets. Purchase the fischertechnik ROBO Pro software once and we'll offer you no-cost downloads for updates and corresponding programs that help you program your robotic designs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Still have some questions? Check out the answers to some of our most common questions regarding robotics and computing. Please feel free to contact us directly and/or visit our fischertechnik store for more information regarding specific products.

    • FAQs - robotics and Programming (software)
    • FAQs - robotics Hardware


    Robotics and Programming (software)

    ROBO Pro computing software does not work properly. What can I do?

    Please download the latest software version (update) under the heading "Downloads".

    I received the error message, "An unexpected situation has occurred" when using ROBO Pro computing software. What can I do?

    A software error/programming error is present: Please send the program which caused the error message with a short description to fischtechnik via email: [email protected]

    Error message "USB interface not found" appears when using ROBO Pro computing software. What can I do?

    There are several reasons for why this error may occur. Please see below:

    • No power supply: Check the display on the ROBO TX controller or LED on the ROBO interface.
    • TX controller or interface not connected to computer: Visual check.
    • Possible that USB driver not installed

    Does the ROBO Pro software offer a random function?

    Yes, various subroutines for generating random numbers are located in the subroutine library "Random".

    I have a TX/TXT Controller. Can I program fischertechnik with Java?

    Yes, the free software package required for this is available under "Downloads" at

    Where can I get a manual for C programming for a ROBO Interface or TXT Controller?

    Go to the fischertechnik website: Under the "Downloads" section you will find an option for "robotics: Software and more" - here is where you will find the C-Programming manual.

    Does the ROBO Pro software also work with the Apple Mac?

    ROBO Pro software was developed for Windows, but it can also run on Mac OS with additional programs. The following possibilities are available here:

    I cannot install the USB driver. I always get an error message. What's happening?

    The USB driver can only be installed by a user with administrator rights for the PC. Make sure you are installing the program with administrator authorization.

    How can I address a number of ROBO interfaces and ROBO TX controllers with ROBO Pro?

    Applicable information is given in the ROBO Pro Help section in Chapter 7, "Controlling Several Interfaces".


    Robotics Hardware

    What is the maximum voltage I can use to operate the ROBO TX controller without damaging it?

    The maximum voltage is 9V. We recommend using the fischertechnik Accu Set or Power Set.

    Can the sound module be connected to the ROBO TX controller?

    Yes, the ROBO TX controller and sound module can be connected to the same power source (important). Connect sound input A - B - C with an output (O1-O8) on the ROBO TX controller.

    How high is the conversion rate for the analog channels?

    An internal clock pulse of 10 ms is used in the entire ROBO system. This means that the program receives a new analog value every 10 ms.

    How can I determine whether the ROBO interface has recognized the connected I/O extension?

    When the I/O extension is connected, only the green "Ext" LED flashes.

    How many extension modules can be connected to the ROBO interface?

    The ROBO Interface can control a maximum of 3 I/O extension modules.